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And Like THAT…She’s Gone…(Not Really)

keyser_poofAh, “The Usual Suspects.” Still one of my all-time top 5. One of those movies that if you’re cleaning the house on a Saturday, channel surfing, and it pops up, you drop everything to watch it again. (I would also include “Godfather,” “Casino,” “Goodfellas”–all pretty much the same movie, now that I think about it–and “Jaws.”

Anyway, The Ladies Room is still alive and well, but she got accepted to the Yale Writers’ Conference, so between that and a rigorous Washington Nationals  baseball schedule, this blog has gotten a tad dusty. Nonetheless, I’m saying hello before I head to New Haven for the next two weeks to be all Ivy League and Highbrow and Academic and stuff.

While I’m ecstatic to be accepted, the timing is rotten. I will be missing the NBA Finals, the NHL Finals, the College Baseball World Series, the FIFA scandal and the French Open for…poetry readings.

flaAt least tonight I WILL get to see the finals of the Women’s College (Softball) World Series. Michigan forced a third and final game with current champion Florida, and I have really gotten into the whole shabang. Not because I want to support women’s sports (though you should) but because these ladies are just so amazing to watch, so powerful and, though I shouldn’t say this…gorgeous. Seriously. If you have a problem with women “jocks” or joke they aren’t attractive, these gals could own the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. They wear full makeup, elaborate braids, hair decor and ribbons.

And eyeblack. Oh and they can also knock a ball into Greenland. Good luck, ladies, well done.

So with that, I will bid you, and sports, adieu for a few days for studying and writing as my vacation. By choice.

Unless “The Usual Suspects” is on.


Boston Strong, or Boston Wrong?

I'm going as a Sexy Flapper Vampire Showgirl (hey it was slim pickins' at Party City)

I’m going as a Sexy Flapper Vampire Showgirl (hey it was slim pickins’ at Party City)

Oh October, if it had arms I would hug it. Because in case you’ve been too busy buying your Sexy Nurse, Sexy Teacher, or Sexy TSA Agent (this really exists) Halloween costumes to notice, during these brief few weeks, pretty much every major American sport is playing (regular or at least pre-season) concurrently: pro football, hockey, and basketball, college football and basketball. And hmmmm, what’s the other one?

Oh yeah, pro baseball – tonight is the first game of the World Series, with Boston hosting St. Louis in the first of the best-of-seven-game “Fall Classic.” Boston is playing its 12th series—but St. Louis has won 11 series. However, Boston defeated St. Louis 4-0 in the historic 2004 series, the Sox’s first title since 1918, finally ending “The Curse of the Bambino” (when they sent Babe Ruth to the Yankees). The Sox won the series again in 2007; the Cardinals in 2011.

Here’s another fun fact: In 1971, the World Series had its first-ever full night game. Regular season MLB games had been played at night before, and World Series games had been completed at night, but Game 4 of the Orioles-Pirates series was the first scheduled nighttime event. Now all World Series games are at night—the last daytime game was Game 6 in 1987.

Now go forth and be annoying with your new knowledge! And tune in tonight to Fox at 8:07 p.m. ET for the first pitch.