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Friday Night Writes

adsSaw this poem on Facebook, passed along by Ladies Room fan and friend Patrick McClure, and it really captures all the old excitement of Friday night high school football. It’s about the Danville (Kentucky) High School Admirals–a real inspiration to anyone who is or was an athlete (or hoped to be!) or has a kid on the field. Thanks, Pat!


There’s a town in Central Kentucky where Friday night is King
Little Boys grow up dreaming of wearing that champions Ring
Sometimes people marvel at the great things they do
But there’s a secret on that field known by just the few
They’re not the biggest or strongest and in numbers they are few
But when the odds are the longest, each one has the strength of two.

For every boy you see playing, you are really seeing two
Cause next to every Admiral plays a ghost that’s dressed in Blue

They may be in the stands tonight, they may be miles away
Some you may see every day, some God has called to play;
Some give their all to help you go that extra mile,
Some just read the paper and quietly, proudly, smile.

So know that in victory, and even a loss or two
Those smiles and tears you’ll always share with those ghosts in blue.

There’s nothing like tradition to show a team the way,
You’ll always know you’re not alone when you need to make that play
When all seems lost and it’s up to you
Just turn and look beside you, at the ghost that’s dressed in blue.

Don’t kid yourself by thinking that titles make you strong
An Admiral’s strength comes from years before of making that Third and long;
Lining up and competing in places they don’t belong;
And beating teams with high ranking, making their winters long.

So cheer for the blue and white and let those victories ring,
Look at your mates tonight, and know just this one thing:

The greatest trophy you can win, when your playing days are through,
Is that when the next battle is raging,

— Bill Ruth- Class of 1971

Do you have an inspirational piece of writing about sports–poems, quotes, stories? Let us know!