11 Sports Trivia Answers You Should Know

I have found a new reason for ladies to read my blog. But I warn you, it is not for the timid. It is not pretty. It involves excruciating tests of will. Men and women sacrificing one another for the trophy. Kinda like “The Hunger Games,” but with beer.

100 points yes, and sex with 20,000 women. Is there a Hall of Fame for that?

100 points yes, and sex with 20,000 women. Is there a Hall of Fame for that?


And last night my pal Kathy was the new host, so I showed up for moral support (and half-price wine til 8 pm).

I’ve been to a few of these quiz quells in my time, and I know three things: 1) Gender doesn’t matter; 2) Prizes–and PRIDE–are on the line, and 3) There are ALWAYS sports questions.

And sure enough, last night had plenty. So if you want to fare better at your next trivia game, or holiday party, here’s a sampling of sports questions/answers that are considered fairly common knowledge (or at least according to the writers at

I won’t lie, I think I got only about 65%, but I was by myself. (With half-price wine.)

OK here we go (answers below). Enjoy!

  1. How many teams play in the NFL?
  2. How many regular season games do NBA teams play?
  3. What sport has Cooperstown as its Hall of Fame home?
  4. What sporting event has the mint julep as its signature drink?
  5. In golf, what is a sharp bend in the fairway called?
  6. What was the site of the first Muhammad Ali/Joe Frasier fight?
  7. What athlete is the only one to play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series?
  8. Philadelphia’s Wilt Chamberlain scored his historic solo 100 points against what team, in one game, in 1962?
  9. The movie “National Velvet” with Elizabeth Taylor was about what sport?
  10. What athlete has been awarded the most MVPs of any sport?

And the bonus question, my favorite: What pro teams (we covered this for college teams a few months ago) of the four major male U.S. sports (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) have mascots that DO NOT end in “s”?

(PS I paraphrased these questions and answers – they belong entirely to, and any typos are my own.)
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  1. 32
  2. 82
  3. Baseball
  4. Kentucky Derby
  5. “Dogleg”
  6. Madison Square Garden
  7. Deion Sanders
  8. New York Knicks
  9. Horseracing
  10. Wayne Gretzky with 9


NHL: Minnesota Wild, Colorado Avalanche, Tampa Bay Lightning

NBA: Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat

MLB: Red Sox, Chicago White Sox

NFL: None


High Five! Female Power, Favre, and a Wicked Good World Series

1) Let’s lead off with the ladies. The U.S. women’s soccer team reached 75-straight home wins Sunday, defeating New Zealand 4-1 in San Francisco. The last time the world-#1-ranked women’s team lost on U.S. soil was in 2004.

2) And something was a little different at the Miles College/Lane College football game in Birmingham, Ala., Thursday night. Four of the seven-person officiating crew were women—the first time an NCAA football game has ever had a majority female crew. Perhaps Krystle Apellariz, Sebrina Brunson, Yvonda Lewis and Tangela Mitchell can credit the NFL. The league began a Women Officiating Now (W.O.N.) program this year as part of the Football Officiating Academy launched in 2010. The program is designed to help recruit and train female officials.

3) We’ve all seen “Rudy” enough to know the size doesn’t matter. Rice’s 4’9” running back Jayson Carter, who walked on in 2011, made his career debut Saturday with a one-yard gain against Texas El Paso (see video below). Rice won 45-7. And at a small school, another player was making a big noise. Division III Western Connecticut running back Octavias McKoy broke the NCAA single-game rushing record with 455 yards in a win against Worcester State.

4) The World Series is, as Bostonians might say, “wicked good.” There has been superb pitching, come-from-behind homers, players barely old enough to drink, and most of all, controversy. Saturday night, the Cardinals won an insane Game 3 5-4 after Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks tripped Allen Craig, resulting in a game-ending obstruction call. In other words, St. Louis won without a runner actually crossing home plate.

Luckily for Boston, they won Sunday night 4-2 in nearly as stunning a fashion. With the score tied 1-1, Boston’s David “Big Papi” Ortiz was seen giving the team a rousing speech in the dugout. You might remember Big Papi from his post-Boston-bomb speech f-bomb on live TV. Nevertheless, he must be effective because almost immediately after, Jonny Gomes—only in the game as a last-minute replacement for an injured Shane Victorino—popped a three-run homer off Cardinals reliever Seth Maness. The series is now tied 2-2 with Game 5 tonight in St. Louis.

Hoping people will forget my bonehead past decisions.

Hoping people will forget my bonehead past decisions.

5) I’ve grown accustomed to weird stories about Packers legendary QB Brett Favre. Last he was in the news was several years ago for sending lewd pictures to an NFL cheerleader. (In fact, if you type “Brett Favre” into Google, a term for a certain body part appears almost immediately.) But two weird stories in one week? So first, the 44-year-old has admitted he is having memory loss issues, most likely associated from his 20-year career. He was sacked 525 times, more than any NFL quarterback. Now he can’t remember his “daughter playing youth soccer.”

But Favre also got a nice compliment last week when the St. Louis Rams, whose starting QB Sam Bradford is injured, allegedly called Favre to see if he might want to suit up. Head coach Jeff Fisher would not confirm or deny the rumor. I’m just waiting for Favre to tweet all about it.

Hockey Help for Southerners and Other Ice-Uninformed

I have a confession to make. I love sports, but hockey makes me feel like a kitten chasing a laser pointer. I’m from the South, y’all: ice is for popsicles, not pucks.

But I respect the game immensely. Goalies dropping into splits Prince would admire. Giant men skating 30 miles an hour, or what’s harder – stopping. Hockey skates don’t have toe picks like figure skates do. Unless you can turn and dig in at a sudden 90 degrees, you will, like myself, spin yourself into a centrifugal seizure.

Couples skate, anyone?  (Patrick Sharp)

Couples skate, anyone? (Patrick Sharp)

In other words, hockey is the only sport that makes me feel like…a girl.

On the other hand, did I mention the giant men? Hockey orthodontics have improved quite a bit since “Slapshot” (one of my Best Romantic Sports Movies), ladies, I suggest you pay attention. May I present Exhibit A, Patrick Sharp, a captain for the Chicago Blackhawks who face the Boston Bruins tonight in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup?

For other tips on tonight’s game, I turned to Washington DC’s First Family of Hockey, and my favorite Washington Capitals season seatmates, the Labres: Yvon, former Caps captain and defensive legend whose jersey graces the Verizon Center rafters, and his son Cory, hockey genius and awesome sports dad to girls and boys.

Watch on a large flatscreen, in HD. I myself only dumped my analog box a few months ago, so if you don’t have one, go to a local bar. You see more of the ice, and the puck and jersey numbers are sharper. With a little practice, you can see plays develop and anticipate what will happen next. But…

Don’t sit too close. If you’re not used to hockey, watching the close-ups make it hard to follow.

I like to pick one type of play or rule and watch for it. We all see goals, but when you recognize an assist, a penalty, or a power play, it builds your confidence and you can apply that knowledge to more complex action.

Go skating. OK it may be too late for tonight’s game, but there could be a Game 7. You are more likely to appreciate a sport’s difficulty if you try it at the local rink, diamond, or just in the backyard with the kids.

Watch with someone who (like my boyfriend) plays the game and (NOT like my boyfriend) can calmly explain things even when his beloved Blackhawks are on the ropes, and I tell him don’t give up, and he stomps off frustrated, and they wind up winning (again) in overtime anyway, and I just laugh and laugh and laugh…

Pick a player to focus on, like Sharp or “Patrick Kane, USA born, and he is on fire,” says Cory. “Such fast, great hands and he controls the game–when he has the puck, they can’t catch him or hit him.” For the Bruins, center Patrice Bergeron is their best guy – if he’s healthy enough to play tonight.

Above all, have fun (and for my fellow Southerners – two months to FOOTBALL!)

“High Five”: A Jockey’s Triumph, Rainbow Gorillas, Goodbye to a Golf Great

I know I say this a lot, but the reason I write this meager little sports offering isn’t home runs and hockey goals, but the stories that stay with you, get you thinking. Or are just uber-cool. Here are five of the best headlines (out of dozens), and some other notes to know for the upcoming week:

1. Higher Power at the Preakness
Kentucky Derby winner “Orb” didn’t take the Preakness, but the real story Saturday was jockey Gary Stevens. Already a Hall-of-Famer, now-fifty-year-old Stevens retired in 2005 with debilitating knee pain and became a TV commentator. But he returned to the track in January this year after struggling with alcohol, depression, and a sense of loss that only racing could fill. Undergoing an intense physical and psychological rehabilitation program last year, he shed 25 pounds and embraced total sobriety. Riding Oxbow, Stevens led wire to wire for the win.

"Rudy" or "Rrrrow"? Either way, he will be missed.

“Rudy” or “Rrrrow!”? Either way, he will be missed.

2. Venturi Highway to Heaven
I admit I had never heard of Ken Venturi when it was announced the golfer had died of pneumonia complications at age 82. Great people die every day, and 82 is a pretty solid life.

But Venturi was the “Rudy” of golf (though quite a handsome devil). He overcame a severe stutter, suffered repeated just-this-close losses in big tournaments, struggled with lasting injuries from a car crash, and endured a years-long slump that would have most people typing up new resumes. Then in 1964, in 100-degree heat and with life-threatening dehydration, Venturi finally won his first major title at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md., nearly collapsing in tears of joy and exhaustion. He became a longtime CBS golf analyst and member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

PS–2013’s “Congressional” as most call it (officially the “AT&T National,” but I won’t say that until AT&T’s 4G isn’t full of it) with Tiger Woods and his frenemy Sergio Garcia starts June 27.  And on a lighter note, take a look at the video of Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts at the weekend’s Volvo World Match Play, in which his ball lands in, let’s just say, a place that caused some “toilet humor.”

3. Baylor Stars Speak out on Gay Rights…and Wedding Gifts
After years of the speculation that—come on, people, we all do (out loud or in our own minds) about people with certain affectations–Baylor basketball phenom Brittney Griner has publicly confirmed she is a lesbian. Now an alum of the private Baptist school, the Phoenix Mercury WNBA rookie is openly discussing what she feels is the rainbow gorilla in the room of women’s college basketball—don’t ask, don’t tell, just rebound. She claims coaches and other advisors told her not to discuss her sexuality because it would hurt Baylor’s recruiting. More to come in the next ESPN the Magazine.   

Meanwhile, Baylor-star-turned-Redskins-QB Robert Griffin III is getting married July 6, and naturally some fans located his gift registry on Bed, Bath & Beyond. But when the 2013 Rookie of the Year Tweeted a picture of thanks—him standing in front of a mountain of opened boxes—detractors spoke then and did not hold their peace. Obviously a star athlete hardly needs help from the public to furnish a 10,000-square-foot house, so demands for him to return or donate the gifts to charity flooded his phone (as well as jokes—“put a better defense on the registry” said one Skins fan). Whatever he does, I personally want to thank him, at least, for his store choice. As a multi-platinum bridesmaid who once attended a bride registered at Tiffany, a $30 Lazy Susan option is always appreciated.

4. Jayhawks Hatch Fledgling High School Star
Whenever you doubt your kids will emulate you, take heart in this one. The #1 high school basketball recruit, Andrew Wiggins, announced last week he will attend Kansas. The 6-8 small forward (here I demonstrate “small forward” with awkward family photos) can play multiple positions and is as good a defender as offensive player. His father is former NBA player Michael Wiggins, and his mom is Canadian Olympic sprinter Marita Payne-Wiggins. They gave him great athletic genes, but they also ensure he maintains his 3.2 GPA at West Virginia’s Huntington Prep.

But, Wiggins is already a heavy favorite for the 2014 NBA Draft. Like, next year. Which is something to discuss with your kids as this year’s draft starts tomorrow. Should a player be allowed what they call a “One and Done?”—one year of college, then on to the pros? What is the proper balance between money and education? How do you prepare for a future if your original dream fails? Lebron James is doing just fine, and he didn’t go to college at all. But far more professional athletes find that dreams of fame and money lead to bankruptcy, addiction, and worse. Speaking of Lebron…

5. Playoffs Continue on Court, Ice
The Memphis Grizzlies/San Antonio Spurs and the Indiana Pacers/Miami Heat NBA matchups are now underway. Winners of the two series will meet for the finals beginning June 6. Sadly, my hometown Grizzlies (key names: Pau Gasol, Zach Randolph) were declawed Sunday 105-83 (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, once married to “Desperate Housewives’” Eva Longoria), but the teams meet again in the best-of-seven series on Tuesday. The Pacers (Roy Hibbert) will meet Lebron’s Miami Heat for Game 1 on Wednesday.

In hockey, the Chicago Blackhawks (Patrick Sharp – or as I call him, “Why Wasn’t HE Cast Cast as the New Superman?”) and the Detroit Red Wings (Henrik Zetterberg) series continues this week, along with:

  • Boston Bruins (David Krejci) vs. New York Rangers (Derick Brassard)
  • Current champions L.A. Kings (Mike Richards – also Hollywood worthy) vs. San Jose Sharks (Logan Couture)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins (Evgeni Malkin) vs. Ottawa Senators (Sergei Gonchar)

Now go forth into this good week and conquer, ladies, knowing that your kids look to you, that no one can tell you how to live your life, and that you can conquer anything if you just Don’t. Give. Up.