Diagramming Dumb

#This. Every. Bleeping. Year.



2 thoughts on “Diagramming Dumb

  1. Hey Laura,

    I came on over here from Tethered Letters to check out your other writing pursuits. This is a great way to get some writing practice. I have a similar pursuit, though short of any blog or website. Several years ago, I happened on a book site called LibraryThing that allows you to catalog your books, and I have a lot of books. The site also encourages you to post reviews for your books, which I’ve been doing as my writing practice. It’s also a great place to connect with other book lovers and writers.

    I’ve subscribed to your site now so that I can follow your postings. I’ll have to overlook your Washington Nationals bent. This is the Giants decade, you know, and it’s an even year, so the 162 is just a formality.


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