Why the USA Is Still the Best Country for Women

11I just walked back from the annual 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. It is always heartbreaking, and I am one of the lucky ones who had no friends or family directly harmed on that horrible day.

But it got me thinking. As the Ray Rice situation continues to expand to the point that jobs are on the line and the head of the FBI is getting involved, I am oddly thankful it is causing the (justifiable) commotion it is. There are women in other countries and arcane belief/political systems–not unlike those who murdered thousands 13 years ago–who endure beatings and worse, every day, and no one cares. It’s perfectly acceptable–even expected. They cannot be educated; they certainly can’t have the blessing of playing and enjoying sports.

Yes there are women in the U.S. who suffer silently. But at LEAST, flawed as it is, we do have SOME recourse in our Constitution and our legal system.

And for that, on this day of observance, I am extremely grateful. And I pray for all the battered women, here and around the world, that someday, when a man lays hands on them, the highest levels of government can smack him back.


2 thoughts on “Why the USA Is Still the Best Country for Women

  1. Yes. If anything good has come from all this, it is the dialogue, the awareness, the thankfulness that we do sometimes, have recourse, although, even here in the US, domestic violence is difficult to prosecute. It is easier now, in our age of technology. Ten years ago, a man could beat his wife in their home and no one could argue differently. Now, with ready made smart phone recorders, there are tools that help victims. Well done.

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