Two Pro Stars Punished for Domestic Violence. (Allegedly.)

Thug life, or hug your wife. Pick one.

Thug life, or hug your wife. Pick one.

I must admit, you see this so much I barely notice anymore. It’s time we all wake up—you cannot have character on the field and be a wife-beater off it. And I do not mean the tanktop.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been suspended (yawn) two games for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy following his offseason arrest for domestic violence.

Which was an “altercation” (read: Punching and dragging her by her hair. Unconscious. On camera.) with his now-wife (yes, really) at an Atlantic City hotel.

A “first-time” offender (can you believe we have to number them?), Rice was given the standard month-or-less suspension. In the last three years, only 12 players have received more than four-game suspensions, and all were repeat offenders.

On missing Rice for the two games, coach John Harbaugh responded “It’s not a big deal.”

Yeah. so the head coach himself acknowledges the punishment is anemic.

To be fair, Rice was also fined additional penalties and more than $500,000, and has stated, “I failed in many ways… I am better because of everything we have experienced since that night. The counseling has helped tremendously…My goal is to earn back the trust of the people, especially the children, I let down because of this incident.”

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, you gotta love the word “allegedly.” It covers all manner of sins.

Like for former Minnesota Twins star Chuck Knoblauch, who was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly assaulting his ex-wife.

As a result, his scheduled induction into the Twins Hall of Fame has been canceled.

This I actually find a bit more on par with the alleged crime (PS – he was convicted of hitting a previous wife in 2010 and sentenced to a year of probation. That sure worked.) It’s not hitting your wallet that hard, but puts a permanent asterisk on your character.

Knoblauch divorced Cheri Knoblauch in 2012. He was the 1991 Rookie of the Year and a four-time All-Star with the Twins.

Do I sound mad? I am. Am I being fair? Who knows.

But if it hits a woman like a duck, and drags a woman like a duck, or rapes a woman under the influence like a duck, it’s a criminal and deserves real punishment. Period.



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