Tim Lincecum: All Right, All Right, All Riiiiight!

Mitch Kramer before, and...nope pretty much still the same.

Mitch Kramer before, and…nope pretty much still the same.

OK with the U.S. men’s soccer loss/win/advance/happy-headscratcher to Germany Thursday, I meant to see if people agreed with me here on something earlier in the week.

In college, each year my sorority glommed on to one movie and watched it all year. “Pretty Woman” was freshman year, “Boomerang” sophomore year, “Grease 2” for some godforsaken reason was junior year.

Then senior year, the whole campus went apesh*t over a little independent comedy with a bunch of no-namers like Ben Affleck, Jason London and some ugly dude named Matthew McConaughey. The real star of “Dazed and Confused” was pint-sized pitcher Mitch Kramer, trying to win his game while dodging roving bands of rabid seniors seeking to paddle incoming freshmen.

(In between a little beer and weed at “the moon tower” of course.)

Funny thing is today, San Francisco pitcher Tim Lincecum, who threw his second career no-hitter—both against San Diego, a record—this week, looks just like Mitch. That is one dope doppelganger. Do you agree?


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