Omaha! Omaha! (The Actual Omaha), and Bo Knows Throws

HOTTY TODDY! (Actually pretty much a hotty all the way around)

HOTTY TODDY! (Pretty much a hotty all the way ’round, we think.)

So yesterday when we discussed the ridonculous amount of major sporting events going on the next few weeks, my guy friends reminded me that I left out an event: The College World Series (or what annual host city Omaha, Nebraska calls “The Best 10 Days of the Year. Or at All, Ever, Really. I Mean, We’re Freaking OMAHA.”)

Beginning Saturday, yes, the finest college baseball teams (even though school ended, like, three weeks ago) will meet in the Midwest to determine who will be the biggest diamond studs.

I’m in the Ole Miss camp myself, because they are the SEC, and also because my Mississippi relatives will disown me if I don’t pull for the Rebels. But no matter who you go to bat for, this field of dreams is worth watching.

Also, while many agreed that Yoenis Cespedes’ 300-foot throw to home the other night was truly one of the best baseball throws ever, I heard many other suggestions to top it. Too many to name actually, but the one that stood out most was Bo Jackson (also an SEC college player, Auburn) in 1989 when he threw out the Mariners’ Harold Reynolds–not a slow man–at home, flat-footed from the warning track. 

The entire Jackson highlight reel below is only-Bo-Knows how awesome, but see “The Throw” at around 1:32.


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