High Five! Warriors War with Clippers, Napoli Celebrates Happily, and a Cricketer Aces Final “Test”

1) Apparently there is some bad blood even God himself cannot overcome. The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers have had a grudge since last season when the Warriors took three out of four season games—and were, in the Clippers’ opinion, a little too jubilant in their celebrations. So reportedly, the Clippers wouldn’t allow the Warriors into Thursday night’s pre-game chapel service, a tradition offered by NBA arenas. The Warriors had to attend a separate service. Their luck didn’t improve on the court; despite a fight after Warriors center Andrew Bogut delivered a hard foul against Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, The Clippers won 126-115.

(Names to know: Blake Griffin is the Clippers’ power forward–you’ve seen him in these Kia commercials; Chris Paul is the Warriors’ point guard–he is “born to assist” for State Farm.)


I love you guys! Now please someone shave this beard!

2) By now you probably know the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals four games to two on Wednesday. What we don’t know is just what Sox first baseman Mike Napoli drank that led to this hilarious succession of photos of Napoli celebrating with his fellow fans, doing shots, even bartending a little himself (minus, eventually, his shirt. Which is fine by me.) 

3) Denver Broncos head coach John Fox will undergo aortic heart valve replacement surgery this week after he experienced lightheadedness on a Charlotte golf course Saturday. He did not have a heart attack, but tests revealed immediate need for the procedure, which doctors had already advised him he should do after this season. The Broncos had their “bye” week and were off Sunday; Fox will be out for several weeks recovering—we’ll see if 7-1 Denver can maintain its dominance in his absence. Jack Del Rio will fill in as interim coach.

Also recovering is Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak after he collapsed at halftime of Sunday’s game against Indianapolis. He is reportedly doing well, undergoing tests for blood clots and a possible stroke. It is not certain if or when he will return. The Ladies Room wishes both coaches the best of luck!

4) Alabama remains undefeated and #1 this week in the college football rankings, but Florida State has moved to #2 after handing Miami its first loss Saturday in a highly anticipated intra-state matchup. Oregon, Ohio State, and Stanford round out the top five. Miami dropped to #11.

5) And just because it’s cool: Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement. Who is Sachin Tendulkar you ask? Well, the 40-year-old Indian is only considered the world’s best cricket player. Duh. Tendulkar will say goodbye to a 24-year career after he plays his 200th “test” this month against West Indies. It’s difficult to convey the meaning of the match. No cricketer has played so many. Tendulkar also owns the records for most runs and centuries in both test and one-day cricket. Tendulkar began his international career in November 1989, and was the third youngest test cricketer at the time.


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