Fair (Weather) Fans or Foul?

Yeah she's hot, but dude you're missing the overtime!

Yeah she’s hot, but dude you’re missing the overtime!

As a Spurs fan, it’s hard for me not to love this: Miami Heat fans who left early Tuesday night when they were certain San Antonio, ahead by a comfortable but not massive margin, were going to win the NBA title. The Miami unfaithful strolled out the doors tossing drinks, checking cell phones, and leaving $500+ seats behind–only to return moments later and beat on the doors for (denied) readmission when the overtime was announced. Behind a monster Lebron comeback and a monster block by Chris Bosh, the Heat won 103-100 to take the series to a seventh and final game on Thursday.

I get not wanting to see the opposing team hoist the trophy on your home court, but what about hanging around to show a little love for the boys, who at one point had a 27-game win streak and have essentially dominated the entire NBA season? Miami has plenty of clubs to drown your sorrows – what’s the rush?

It brings up the age-old debate – aside from kids or emergencies, is it OK to leave big games early? Or any game? Do real fans worry about traffic or an early day at work? What do you think – tell us in our poll!


One thought on “Fair (Weather) Fans or Foul?

  1. You get what you deserve. It is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions of the ticket sale that there is no readmittance upon exiting the event venue. Suck it up and head to the nearest bar to drink your poor decision away instead of being on hand to either root your team on or show the spirit of sportsmanship and congratulate the opposition.

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