Hoops with Heart

Well some posts just can’t wait til Monday. (And grab your tissues.)

This Wednesday in Rochester, Mich., Owen Groesser, an eighth grader with Down syndrome, scored two three pointers in his first-ever Van Hoosen Middle School basketball game—he’s normally the team manager. His efforts even landed him as one of the top plays on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” thanks to a Twitter campaign by teammates and friends, #GetOwenOnSportsCenter. He played again on Thursday night and scored four points.

The story calls to mind the amazing 2006 story of another Rochester (New York) student’s hoops heroics. Jason “J-Mac” McElwain, a highly-functioning autistic senior at Greece Athena High School, made national news after his coach asked him, normally the student assistant, to suit up for the team’s last home game.

Not only did he score–he finished with a team record six three-pointers and was carried off the court by thrilled, storming students after a 20-point game in roughly four minutes.

Check out the videos (courtesy of YouTube, ESPN, and CNN), then go hug your healthy children–and encourage them to help those who are not.


3 thoughts on “Hoops with Heart

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  2. This is precisely why sports is so important. People of BOTH sexes who follow sports are not just recreating; it helps me reset my moral compass, by both good and bad examples.

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